IR Coated Reflective Glass


Product Principle: 

Reflect the solar energy by coating the windscreen with 9 to 20 layers of metal compound films, with a thickness of 50 to 300 nm on the inner surface of glass by vacuum magnetic sputtering technology

Main Features:
• Reflect Infrared Rays(IR) to reduce the temperature inside the car by up to 10℃.
• Cut the usage of air conditioning in summer to lower fuel consumption by 3%
• Shorten the length of time to reach comfortable temperature by 50%  
• Permanent heat insulation; maintenance-free during lifespan 
• Reduce UV damage to the car's interiors and extend the service life 

Applied Product: Laminated Windshield, Laminated Backlite, Laminated Sidelite and Sunroof

Applied Vehicle: Ford, NIO, JLR, JMC, Land Wind, FAW, etc.