Unknown Details of Automotive Glass Repair



Today there are increasing more car-lovers who care about every aspect of their car, although there are still many car owners ignoring automotive glass maintenance. It’s not unusual for drivers to make do with the cracked windshields to save money.

In fact, although automotive glass does not require regular replacement like some wearing parts, periodical inspection and repair after damage are also important.

Let’s discuss about the common problems of automotive glass repair.

1. What kind of glass can be repaired?

There are mainly two types of automotive glasses, laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated glass: an interlayer of PVB film is sandwiched between two pieces of glasses which will stick glass together to avoid shattered glass spewed around when broken.

Tempered glass: the glass will crumble into small granular chunks instantly when broken and are more likely to fall off.

Based on the mentioned features above, most windscreens are maufacured with laminated glass which can be repaired if chipped. While other auto glass except windscreen are mainly tempered glass which shatters into small granular chunks instantly and even falls off after breakage and therefore cannot be repaired.

2. What kind of crack repair is recommended?

If the diameter of glass chip is around 5mm, car owners should repair it as soon as possible by a professional technician. The sooner, the better to avoid it from developing into a large crack, that will no longer be repairable. If the chip is larger than 20mm, the repair effect will be poor and generally replacement will be recommended.

3. Is it impossible to repair if not recommended?

May car owners will continue to drive their vehicles with cracks, simply because they do not have glass coverage and windscreens are generally expensice. Can they just make do with it?

In fact, some chips and cracks up to 20mm, may be repaired as long as it is not a big crack. A professional technician can evaluate it and determine if it is possible. However, there are certain safety hazards when the windscreen suffers frequent stress from the increased wind resistance on the highway, or from car washing and rain, snow, wind, etc.

Windscreens are not just to keep the elements out, rather they perform a structural component of the roof in the event of a vehicle roll over.

Therefore, when there are cracks in the windscreens, car owners must get it repaired or replaced according to your own situation. It’s for your beloved car, but more for your safety!