Highway Code changes: the revised rules drivers of modern cars need to know

The Highway Code has been updated to set out clearer rules for motorists using driver aids and the latest in-car technology. The guide, which outlines the law and driving advice for motorists, offers new guidance on using advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as motorway assist and remote parking.


Hyundai Motor Group's eco-friendly plans

Toronto, Ontario -- November 6, 2018 -- New technology for vehicles is evolving all the time to help prevent accidents, but also to benefit the environment. Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors plans to introduce solar charging technology on some Hyundai Motor Group vehicles starting next year.


Advanced Adaptive Driving Beam Ensures High-Beam Safety with ADAS

Hyundai Mobis announced that the company has developed the world’s first Advanced Adaptive Driving Beam (AADB) which safely ensures vision with the high beams turned on all the time in connection with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Hyundai Mobis is planning to use this technology to lead the future car lamp market that requires precise light control.


Windscreen replacement firms fight to keep up with new technology

Windscreen replacement companies are spending millions on tech and training to recalibrate screen-based car safety systems. Windscreen repair companies are investing millions upgrading their workshops with new tech, because of the growing number of cars that require vital safety sensors to be recalibrated after a windscreen replacement.


AV Report – when can we expect fully autonomous vehicles?

Toronto, Ontario -- November 16, 2018 -- There has been talk of self-driving cars for many years now, and speculation on how autonomous vehicles might change cities, parking and society as a whole. It is evident that over the past year we have seen some of the biggest OEMs announce plans to release their form of self-driving vehicles.


How Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our World

This new industry is on its way to becoming a multitrillion-dollar business—bigger than Amazon and Walmart combined.Everything around us will be altered by autonomous vehicles—our roads, our warehouses and even our definition of what a car can be.


SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son’s Self-driving Kingdom

Masayoshi Son has already increased his investment in AI and autonomous driving. Now his “Autonomous Driving Empire” is quietly emerging.  


Honda Civic Teardown: ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)

According to Honda reports, all models are equipped as standard with its most advanced driver-assistance safety system, Honda SENSING, that coordinates braking and steering control technologies through recognition of the driving situation in front of the vehicle using safety-related technologies such as millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera.